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Character Discussion and Litspiration Challenge

We chose to make a playlist for Maria.

Our playlist:
Please note that if the videos are not embedded from Vevo, then we embedded it from the artist's official Youtube channel. However for some artist's we were also not able to find their official Youtube channel.
1. Apologize by OneRepublic (chosen by Michael) 

I chose this song to show how Matt’s apologies were not accepted by Maria. The lyrics in the chorus “’s too late to apologize, it’s too late” show how Maria wouldn’t talk to Matt when he supposedly killed Furball during the middle age section of the book. The lyrics in the verse say “I'd take another chance, Take a fall, take a shot for you.” This verse shows how Maria had contradicting thoughts about Matt. She didn’t want to forgive him but at the same time, she also felt sorry for him as well considering how poorly everyone else treats him. In the first verse and the very end of of the song it says, “I’m holdin’ on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground.” I think this line really shows how risky Maria and Matt’s relationship is since the rope can be thought of as the bond of their relationship. It could be going well at certain times but in many scenarios, Matt makes it difficult for Maria to hold onto that rope and he makes Maria lets go of it and falls onto the ground. She gets hurt, but she always makes her way back onto that rope and is again putting herself at risk since her father disapproves of her relationship. This could be shown on Farmer, 154, “You’re going to be in big trouble when Dada finds out.” There is just one huge difference between the song and Maria and Matt’s relationship, and it is that Maria always ends up accepting Matt’s apologies unlike the song, which reinstates that it will always be too late to apologize.

2. Lean On Me by Bill Withers (chosen by Aman) 
I think that this song shows the relationship that Maria and Matt have. Maria has a caring side to her which showed at the funeral. On Farmer, 154, Maria stands on Matt’s side and later on forgives him. That makes their relationship a lot better and it puts them back on the caring and friendship side. Maria is one of the only people who care about him. Most other people think he is a dirty clone. Maria is one of the only people in the book that actually cares about Matt and I think that Maria would help him if he is not strong and needs a friend.

3. No one believes me -Kid Cudi (chosen by Aidan)

I chose this song for Maria’s playlist because when Matt breaks out of the window and goes to El Patrons house with Maria, Emilia and Steven they fix him up, but look at him differently once they see that there is writing on his foot (Property of Alacran State) representing that he is a clone. For example once Mr. Alacran came in the room he yelled “You idiot! You need a vet for this little beast! How dare you defile this house?” (Farmer, 23) Maria is the only the one thats thinks of him a bit differently than a disgusting creature, but she still sees him as not a human. As the book progress, it seems like she starts to see that he is more and more like a human, while everyone else still thinks of him as a disgusting creature. The lyrics “I know that something is wrong here/ I can feel it but no one believes me/ I know that something is strange here/ I can sense it but no one believes me” I think goes with how Maria thinks of him like a human being at the beginning and like Furball (her pet) later on, but the rest of the society thinks of him in a completely different way. Also on Farmer, 69 she says “..Everyone says you’re too stupid, but I don’t believe it.” which connects to the lyrics as well. I have noticed that in the book it seems like the society is trying to corrupt her mind into their idea of what a clone is and these are some lyrics that go with that “shadows cover me down/ you can’t call it/ you can’t shake the feeling/ quiet do not make a sound/ but the wind seems to speak/ something’s here in the room with me”. An example of this is when they tell Maria not to go near him and call him very rude names like beast. The tone and beat of the song sounds more scary and gloomy which relates to the relationship Maria and Matt have in the book because they have lots of problems and issues and their relationship can be risky at times due to the society’s opinion on clones.

4. Heart Skipped a Beat by the xx (chosen by Meagan)

I chose this song for Maria’s playlist because I think the lyrics exemplify Matt and Maria’s relationship. The lyrics “And I was struggling to get in / Left waiting outside your door / I was sure you’d give me more” shines light on the fact that (especially in the early sections of Matt’s middle years) Maria tries to reach out to Matt, and he retaliates with hostility, indifference and even at times cruelty. An example of this from the novel is on Farmer, 69 before Matt regains his speech, Maria is saying goodbye to him: “..Everyone says you’re too stupid, but I don’t believe it. Please Matt,” she wheedled. “say you’ll miss me. Or hug me. I’ll understand that. Furball howls when I leave home.” / Matt turned his back on her. The chorus of the song “Heart skipped a beat / And when I caught it / You were out of reach / But I’m sure, I’m sure / You’ve heard it before” can also represent their unspoken love for one another. This can also show how though neither of them really confirm it they both understand the other’s feelings and their reciprocation. The chorus also shows how even though they are separated over long distances and time, they never lose their affection for each other. 

5. Not Alone by Darren Criss (chosen by Meagan)
This song expresses Maria standing beside Matt throughout thick and thin. When everyone else treats him like garbage, she is a true friend to him. The chorus (Baby you’re not alone / cause you’re here with me / And nothing’s ever gonna bring us down / Cause nothing can keep me from loving you / And you know it’s true / It don’t matter what’ll come to be / our love is all we need to make it through”) demonstrates how their love and belief in one another is strong enough to triumph through societies misunderstood, preconceived social conventions- that clones are animals and are not to be treated as equals to humans. For example on Farmer, 154 Maria stands beside Matt and defends him when the priest screams and declares he is not worthy to be in the church: “Saint Francis would take a dog to church,” she said. “He loved all animals.” Through articulating this evidence, Maria was comparing Matt to an animal. However unflattering this may seem, she was trying to explain how he was worthy of being there with all of the “normal” people.

6. Heartless by Kanye West (chosen by Michael)

This song represents Maria’s feelings for Matt very well. Throughout the book, Matt has turned his back on Maria and made poor choices that resulted in Matt edging closer and closer to losing Maria as a friend. The lyrics in the chorus “How could you be so heartless” shows Maria’s anger at Matt for making Tom sit at the baby table, demanding a kiss from Maria and supposedly killing Furball. This line in the song relates really well with the line from the book, Farmer, 103 “He fetched Tom’s card and replaced it. Maria reached for it again, and he grabbed her wrist quite hard” since Matt was acting coldhearted and made sure Tom was punished. The section Farmer, 110 “Maria leaned forward, and Matt felt a cold brush of her lips on his skin. Then she ran to her father and collapsed in tears.” also relates very well with the chorus since Matt wasn’t thinking carefully about his choices and later on, he regretted his decisions. Plus, it jeopardized his relationship with Maria. The chorus is not the only part that relates to the experiences Maria has gone through, but there are a couple lines in the verse “How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it breeze/ Just remember that you talking to me though/ You need to watch the way you talking to me...” that really relates to Maria’s thoughts regarding Matt after El Patron’s birthday party. 

7. True Colours by Cindi Lauper (chosen by Grace)
I chose this song for Maria’s playlist because it represents Maria’s view of Matt. Unlike all of the adult characters and other children in the novel, Maria sees Matt as something more than a clone. She constantly treats Matt differently, than the hostile way almost everyone else does. Some specific evidence of this is in the third and fourth chapters when the Alacran family and all of their maids discover the bit of writing on Matt’s foot and finds out he is actually a clone. In a split second, the way everyone treated and viewed Matt changed entirely. Everyone excluding Maria. She was the only character except for Celia at this point that treated Matt as an equal. Throughout the novel, Matt has countlessly been referred to as a “beast” and “a filthy clone”, but Maria never thought of him this way. In the song, the lyrics read (If this world makes you crazy / And you’ve taken all you can bear / You call me up / Cause you know I’ll be there”). I believe this piece of lyric ties back to Maria and how, even when she is angry with Matt, she will always be there to stand up for him. This is evident at the church when the Priest says “This unbaptized limb of Satan has no right to make a mockery of this rite! Would you bring a dog to church?" Farmer, 153-154 and Maria stands up for him by saying “ "Saint Francis would take a dog to church." Farmer 154. Unlike most of the other characters, Maria sees Matt’s true colours.  

8. I won’t give up - Jason Mraz (Chosen Aidan)

I chose this song for Maria's playlist because so far in the book it seems like Maria has been having many conflicting emotions and thoughts with Matt. Is it morally right to be friends or be in love with a clone? Does it make you a horrible person if you are? In the song “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz, it talks about how there are many challenges in a relationship/friendship, but don’t give up on them, try to overcome them. The lyrics, “I won't give up on us/ Even if the skies get rough/ I'm giving you all my love/ I’m still looking up” relates to Matts and Maria relationship and how she hasn’t given up on him even through the all the problems and issues they had like Matt supposedly killing Furball (Farmer, 133-135). You can tell she hasn’t given up because during El Viejo’s funeral at the church the Priest calls him an “unbaptized limb of Satan” and says “he has no right to make a mockery of this rite!”, but Maria stands up for him by saying "Saint Francis would take a dog to church." because Saint Francis loves all creatures (Farmer, 153-155). At this point in the novel, she truly expressed her thoughts and opinions on what she truly believes and forgives Matt for all the wrongs/sins he has done, without worrying what the society around her thought and their beliefs on certain things.

9. Over The Love by Florence and the Machine (chosen by Grace) 

This song represents Maria’s feelings towards her relationship with both Matt and Tom, as well as her thoughts towards her personal experiences. Lyrics in the song to represent how throughout her relationship with Tom and Matt, Maria always ends up hurt or crying is when it says (Cry and cry and cry / Over the love of you). No matter how much both Tom and Matt care for Maria, they always end up hurting her. Maria has seen things that other children her age should never have to experience seeing. Evidence of this from the book is in the chapter “The Thing on the Bed” when Maria, Tom and Matt see the wild, shrieking, fixed clone that is tied down to the table and trying desperately to escape. Lyrics from the song that connect to this are (I don’t want to see what I’ve seen / To undo what has been done / Turn off all the lights / Let the morning come ). Seeing this wild creature that is said to be the same species as one of her best friend has scarred Maria. This led to a phase of not speaking to each other in Maria and Matt's relationship. She wishes she could un-see what she had seen.. Maria loves both Tom and Matt, but at times, her love for them hurts her. 

10. Nothing by The Script (chosen by Aman)  

I picked this song because I think that some lyrics from the song show how Maria thinks about Matt. One point in the lyrics says “But they all think I’m crazy, not to me it’s perfect sense.” I think that line is exactly what Maria think about matt.  Most people think that Matt is just a dirty clone and compare him to a rat.  Maria believes different.  Maria thinks of him like a human. The way she talks to Matt is so friendly and same with the way matt talks to maris. Maria has a caring side for Matt that most characters in the book don’t have.  

This is our character discussion regarding the next assignment which is a character playlist. Please excuse the weird noise at around 2 minutes into the discussion. Thank you for listening. 
NOTE: Meagan was absent this day.

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