Thursday, 18 April 2013

Litspiration Challenge #1- Setting

This was our project! We created a 3D diorama. The main settings pictured are Celia's house (small shack in bottom right corner), the poppy field (white area), the Oasis Tam Lin and Matt visit (bottom left corner), and the Big House (pictured in the top). The pictures that are taped onto the buildings show the inside of a specific scene in that building. On the back of the card there are quotes that provides evidence as to why we drew the room like that.

We included the broken window/glass from Matt's escape to add detail to our project. We pictured the house as a small shack with few windows in the middle of the poppy fields.
This is one of the scene specific drawings and the drawing on top shows Celia's bedroom. 
As you can see on the picture below, there are quotes related to the drawing on the back of each one of the cards.
 Above: Celia's Kitchen.
Below: Matt and Celia's living room.

This pictures the boulders Tam Lin and Matt encounter while trying to get to the secret oasis. ( The oasis is to the direct left of the boulders. ) 


This is the entryway to the Big House. It is described in the book for the pathway leading to the house to be lined with orange trees. You can't see it very well in the photo but there is an arch with a scorpion at the end of the pathway!

Front of the Big House with the pillars

More pictures of scene-specific setting's in the big house and again, there are quotes on the back of each card related to the drawing.

Scene-specific setting: Matt's prison. ^
We drew a window with iron bars on it to show the room Matt stayed in for 6 months 

Another scene-specific setting to the Big House. ^

 This is the side of the Big House and the road leading to it. The picture on the side depicts my groups thoughts on the general setting. It is hard to see but it is a map of North America except Mexico is scribbled out and is replaced with the word Aztlan.


This was the "Oasis" described in the book. You can see details we've added such as the dried river bend, and the small pond with the brown fish! 
Close up on the hand-drawn poppies.  

 Boulders leading to the Oasis. There is also one boulder with a black spot representing the hole that Matt and Tam Lin climbed through to reach the oasis. We also remembered that there were dirt pathways connecting some of the places together.

 If you have any additional questions about it, feel free to ask!


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